Here at Community Kite Project we believe fun and imagination are precious commodities. We would like to share them with as many people as possible. For hundreds of years kites have been central to childhood (and adult) games and pursuits; indeed, kite flying across the globe is synonymous with freedom, the outdoors, imagination and possibilities.

We run kite-making and flying workshops for everyone and anyone. Simple as that really.

After a fantastic residency at Space FiftyFour in March 2012, we are now ‘on tour’, running workshops and flying days at various locations across the UK & abroad. If you’d like us to come to you, get in touch!

The Impact

We believe that striving for family time, more wholesome outdoor pursuits and exploring imagination are worthwhile and worthy goals. We also feel that the best way to encourage more people to do so is to show them how much fun it can be rather than beating them over the head with a proverbial stick of negative rhetoric. It is true that more and more people are less and less engaged with the world around them, and in particular with each other, and whilst we embrace technology and what it brings to everyone (we wouldn’t be on here otherwise), we believe in the power of bringing people together, in being outdoors and in flying kites! We’re not kite-flying facists by the way – we don’t think it’s the only answer to a more fulfilling life, just one we quite enjoy. We hope that by providing a free and fun activity, CKP can be one step in the direction of an inclusive, engaged and fulfilled society, one postcode at a time.



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