The Universal Right To Play + London Festival of Architecture = Free Kite Making with CKP!

We were really excited to be asked by ARTICLE 31.1 to run a FREE KITE MAKING WORKSHOP this Sunday at Weavers Field, in Bethnal Green, London. All the details of times and information can be found here:

Can’t wait! Look forward to seeing you there, CKP team x

The city’s built environment is constantly changing. Alongside hopes for regeneration and increased opportunity, the ongoing privatisation of public space and the ubiquity of surveillance threaten to cast a shadow of anxiety over this summer’s events and everyday life.

While the 2012 London Olympics offers up the global spectacle of games defined by formality, is there any space left in the city to play by rules of our own making?

Article 31.1 propose a Universal Right to Play inspired by Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. By extending this right to all occupants of the city and raising a collective, social and institutional duty to provide equal opportunities to play for all we offer a vision of a more playful city against which our own can be measured.


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